Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Auction/Raffle for Twilight Memorabilia

For those of you who don't keep up with Stephenie Meyer's official site, I have decided to post about an auction and raffle that she will be having soon for Book Babe. Click here to visit Stephenie's official site where she talks more in depth about this. The auction will be held in Tempe, Arizona. So darn, I won't be there, but if anyone lives out around that area, you should definitely go. She is auctioning all kinds of neat things, including the epilogue to Forever Dawn. Forever Dawn was the original title and sequel to Twilight (what we now know as New Moon). She wrote this epilogue back in January 2004 before even beginning the editing of Twilight. Meaning, this may be a tad confusing for some readers. Rosalie's name is still Carol, and there is this new character, Max-J Jenk's assistant (I believe J Jenks first makes his appearance in Breaking Dawn, correct me if I'm wrong). It's a good read, being over 3,000 words long. Sounds very interesting, indeed. And of course, this will be signed by Stephenie Meyer herself, along with EVERYTHING else she will be auctioning.
And check this out, also being auctioned are these cool marked up manuscripts for Eclipse and The Host- which are priceless. And a lunch with Stephenie Meyer will also be up for grabs (I'm sure at a hefty price). Wouldn't that be amazing, though.
Please go to Project Book Babe to learn more and get all the details. There will also be an online auction (through ebay, this is also on Book Babe's site), in which Stephenie will be selling some signed merchandise. Whoo hoo!


Alia K said...

I don't get it. Is Forever Dawn like Midnight Sun? Or is it New Moon before it became New Moon?

Tara D said...

New Moon before it became New Moon. This is basically a rough draft of her work before it was finished. A lot of changes occured between then and what we now have today, New Moon.