Monday, April 20, 2009

Stephenie Meyer is not being sued! case you'd heard that she was. Twilight Lexicon clears up a few things for us:

"It seems that the unsubstantiated story that Stephenie Meyer is being sued and filming on New Moon has halted continues to spread like wildfire on the web. Our inbox is exploding with various readers citing new places the story has cropped up.
Below are the official comments now from both Summit Entertainment and now Little Brown/Hachette:
Official comment from Summit Entertainment regarding the portion of the story as it specifically refers to filming is as follows: “This rumor is certainly NOT true. Please let your readers know.”
Official comment from Stephenie Meyer’s publisher regarding the portion of the story that refers to the lawsuit:
“This story is false.”
The origination of the story on the Max Dan Wiz site has now been removed."
So there you have it, all is well in the land of Twilight. :)


Anonymous said...

phew!!! :) I'm SO glad Stephanie isn't being sued, and New Moon is still being filmed!!! :D

Anonymous said...

I'm glad as well. :) I was frickin scared to death whe I heard Stephenie Meyer was being sued. I was tempted to email someone by telling them what I felt about it. All is good now. I'm not scared for the future of the Twilight Saga anymore. :)