Thursday, June 4, 2009

Aboard the Good Ship Twilight

If you've got the time and the money, I say go for it!


Until now, Hit & Run was convinced that, generally speaking, cruises were for OAPs, and Twilight was for teenagers. So a Twilight-themed cruise seems somewhat oxymoronic. Yet in August 2010 the good ship Oosterdam will set sail from Seattle for the first ever Twilight "Cruise to Alaska and Convention at Sea". And news that Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz – two stars of the sensationally successful adolescent vampire film – will be aboard should attract an age group unaccustomed to bridge parties and bingo.

Whether anyone else wants to join them on their inescapable, week-long fantasy fĂȘte is another matter. And most teens will be priced out of the trip by the cost of a cabin: $1049 per person for a two-person room with no sea view; $3299 per person for a four-person deluxe veranda suite.

Among the highlights of the trip will be autograph sessions with the two stars (who play vampires Emmett and Alice Cullen), a Q&A session and a costume ball. Plus, of course, the stunning natural beauty of the Alaskan coastline. There's even an optional pre-cruise package that includes a daytrip to Forks, the small, wet Washington town where Stephanie Meyer's story is set. What's next? The High School Musical Cycling Tour? The Star Trek Car Rally?


hoLLy said...

if it was edward and bella on the trip, i might consider it:)

Little Lovables said...

how fun! the Star Trek Car Rally sounds fun though