Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Moon Cast Happy With Chris Weitz

From EOnline:

The best part of Twilight was Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Loved the books, but the movie...well. We think it could have been done a tad better—and I think the cast of New Moon agrees. That's why when we saw the trailer last weekend we were ├╝ber-stoked because we could tell it was gonna kick butt.

Maybe having a different director, namely Chris Weitz, the second time around was the key.

And the cast seems to concur:

Peter Facinelli told the A.T.:

"When we shot Twilight, it felt like it was an indie. We were racing the clock. Catherine [Hardwicke] was fantastic, but with New Moon it felt like we had more time to play. The atmospheres were different. They were both great...in their own ways. I just think New Moon is going to be incredible."

Michael Welch also told us how better prepared they were to film from day one.

"When we all got on the set the first day, [Chris Weitz] gave us this packet of 30 to 40 pages of what he wanted the film to look and feel like—how he was going to shoot it, all of that stuff. The thing is, both Chris and Catherine—I don't want to say one is better than the other. They are polar opposites in terms of style. Catherine can only succeed in chaos, really. But Chris is the exact opposite; he's so calm and has all his stuff together. He really made this film great."

Contrary to some reports out there, Christian Serratos dished that New Moon is "still really close to the book, but it's hard to explain.

"When I read the script [for Twilight], I was just like oh my God. I knew what was going to happen because I'd read the book, but when I read this script. Wow. I was on pins and needles wondering what was coming next. It's just that good."......

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