Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Robert Promises 'New Moon' Looks Amazing


If you don't think Robert Pattinson is the hottest movie star in the world, there were 7,000 people inside the Gibson Amphitheatre and millions more all over the world who would have disagreed with you on Sunday.

As the star of "Twilight," Rob was part of the team that dominated the MTV Movie Awards, trading in his eardrums for a Breakthrough Male Performance trophy and announcing his arrival as a Hollywood superstar.

When RPattz wasn't getting faked out by Kristen Stewart, hit on by Jim Carrey or talking about whatever was in his pants, he took a moment to give a backstage interview to MTV News during the show. Grins were exchanged, hair was tousled and upcoming projects were discussed.

MTV: Rob, you won Best Fight tonight. How did it feel up there on stage?"

Robert Pattinson: It made me feel really tough; really hard. I don't think I've ever won a fight in my life, so it was cool.

MTV: And it must have been nice to be up there with Cam Gigandet again.

Pattinson: Yeah, Cam won. That's crazy that he's won two years in a row.

MTV: A year ago, people barely knew you guys when you attended the MTV Movie Awards. What's the biggest difference you see as far as the chaos, the fans, the reception?

Pattinson: I mean, it's completely polar-opposite. I didn't even think anyone knew who I was last year.

MTV: We're about to debut the "New Moon" trailer. Give us your reaction to it.

Pattinson: I haven't seen it yet.

MTV: You haven't?

Pattinson: This will be my first time seeing it.

MTV: Well, I'm sure you've seen the 15-second preview online, where you're kissing Kristen, right?

Pattinson: I haven't seen anything! I mean, from what I've seen from playback and stuff when I've been shooting it, it looks amazing. So I think ["New Moon"] should be [good]. I'm keeping it as a surprise from myself.

MTV: Are you going to have time to shoot anything before "Eclipse"? What are you going to shoot next?

Pattinson: I am. As yet, it's still untitled, at the moment, but I'm going on Monday to start shooting it. It's a kind of drama, love-story kind of thing. It's cool; it's a really great script.

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