Friday, June 19, 2009

Robert Clipped By a Taxi - He's Okay


British actor Robert Pattinson, one of Hollywood's current young heartthrobs, was clipped by a taxi Thursday in New York while filming a new movie.

The 23-year-old star had been shooting a scene at a Manhattan bookstore when he attempted to cross the street and was grazed by a taxicab.

According to media reports, Pattinson had been attempting to escape a clutch of overzealous teen fans.

Witnesses reported that Pattinson did not appear to require medical attention, walked away from the incident and returned to work on Remember Me, a forthcoming romantic drama.

A spokesperson later downplayed the incident.

"The reports are exaggerated," Vivian Mayer, a spokeswoman for the film's production company, said in an interview. "It was not caused by his fans."

Exaggerated or not, this is something a fan could cause. This is serious stuff, people! Stop harrassing these (and all) actors!!! Let them live their lives in peace.

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Anonymous said...

It is important,Twilight Fans, that we all remember to separate fact from fiction. Rob Pattinson is a human being, he is not a vampire, he can get hurt. Please stop harrassing him! The last thing we all need is for him to stop making the movies to the books we all so adore. Don't scare him away.

Anonymous said...

totally true! i watched a youtube movie where Rob gets harrassed by all these crazy girls! it was horrible... give the delicious boy some rest en try to be a normal person and stop chasing him to death!!!!


Anonymous said...

i swear if he gets hit by a car because of some crazy, immature children i'm going to lose it.

Tara D said...

Poor Rob! I'm just glad he's okay. And I feel so sorry for him- I bet he wishes he could just be himself wherever he goes without all the drama. Where was his "security" team when he needed it?

Anonymous said...

What in tarnayshun is the matter with these crazy peoples. These hear movie stars need rispect. not some looneyhead maniacs chasin them arownd the streets of New york city in the middle of the day. If i had ben there, I woulda got out my air soft rifel and shot em. Shot em good.

right between the eyes.

Anonymous said...

What the hell this is just like the attack that happened last week. Jeez people leave the guy alone. I love him as much as the next girl but he is a human and deserves to be left alone!

Anonymous said...

Awww....hope you are okay Robbie!

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