Thursday, October 15, 2009

Access Hollywood: Behind the Scenes on Kristen's Allure Cover Shoot

So yes, you've seen the pictures, but we're (or shall I say Access Hollywood) also bringing you behind the scenes of this awesome photo shoot for Allure Magazine.
**Access Hollywood has a great behind the scenes look at Kristen Stewart as she was photographed for the cover of Allure’s November edition. Kristen talks about how much she loves what she does and her personal sense of style...

Kristen Stewart might walk the red carpet, sport couture gowns at movie premieres and do countless photo shoots – but "The Twilight Sag" star says she’s not a fan of Hollywood’s obsession with glamour.

"I go outside, and I’m wearing a funky T-shirt and my hair is dirty, and people say, ‘What’s wrong with her? She needs to invest in a hairbrush,'” the 19-year-old actress told Allure magazine in its November issue. "I’m like, ‘Don’t you get it? I’m not that girl! I never was that girl. It’s not like I was really clean-cut last year.'”
And while millions of “Twi-hards” would give anything to share the screen with Robert Pattinson, Kristen also revealed that she’s not impressed with the fame that comes along with starring in one of Hollywood’s hottest franchises.
“What people told me [when I signed on to ‘Twilight’] was that there would be a lot of fan girls, people who love the books,” she explained. “But people don’t tell you that as long as you’re living in Los Angeles, it’s a show every second of your day. It’s like the Kristen show. And it’s so boring!”
The notoriety that comes with playing “Twilight’s” Bella Swan might be a drag – but the actress thinks her character is a dream to play.
“You’re so very much with Bella. You’re so in her shoes that it’s a vicarious experience,” she told the mag. “It’s addictive.”
Kristen’s stellar portrayal of “Twilight’s” leading lady has lead to a following of legions of fans – who are known to hang on every word that leaves her mouth – something that has made the young actress apprehensive when it comes to interviews.
“I spend so much of my time guarding against sounding insincere about something that I would die for,” Kristen said. “Maybe I’m overcompensating…. I care so much. And it gets reported as the opposite.”
You can read the entire article on Kristen’s Allure shoot here.**
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