Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some New 'New Moon' Merchandise at Hot Topic

From MTV Hollywood Crush:

Thank you, Hot Topic, for giving us everything we never needed for "New Moon": an umbrella with Edwards face covering it, a t-shirt with Jacobs six pack to make up for our own lack thereof, split-moon friendship necklaces, and a shirt that makes us want to take out a restraining order (yes, we are referencing the t-shirt pictured).

All (kind of) joking aside, there is some stuff from Hot Topics new New Moon licensed gear collection that we find to be pretty interesting.

1. Bella's birthday dress

With Halloween just around the corner, what way to literally get in character than by wearing a much cheaper version (yes, even at $98 it's a steal with the original frock having been custom made by the "NM" costumer, according to Entertainment Weekly) of Bella's birthday dress? We love that the green taffeta dress with its accented black roses is subtle enough to be worn to a nice party, but a clear enough shout out to "New Moon" that all "Twilight" fans should get the connection. Just try some nice black ballet flats instead of KStew's Converse looks with this one. Trust us.

2. "New Moon" iPod/iPhone covers

Personally, I'd go with the Edward iPod Nano cover, but that's just for my preference of (good!) pictures of Robert Pattinson and my own affinity for the teenage sibling of the iPod. If RPattz isn't quite your style, you can snag an iPod cover of Jacob or the "New Moon" promotional poster. The different covers are available for various generations iPods and iPhones as well. Fortunately, this is some blatant "Twilight" paraphernalia that can be slipped off if you need to hide your deep love for Washington-based vampires, for whatever strange reason that may be.

3. Victoria's necklace

Like Bella's birthday dress, this pick is a prop replica of the necklace Rachelle Lefevre's Victoria wears in "New Moon." And, at $20, it also is a cheap addition to your Halloween costume ensemble if you're looking to dress up as a certain badass red-haired vampire. We love the subtle nature of this necklace as a part of the "Twilight" merch world. Unlike some other necklaces offered, it doesn't have "Twilight" or Edward or Bella asserted all over it. We're kinda hoping the rings hung on the necklace are souvenirs of Victoria's previous conquered vampires.


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine has found T Shirts that have printed on them "yes we are mums and we have read twilight and we love Edward(Don't tell our husbands) There is literally something for everyone. We have decided to wear these tops to the outdoor screening of New moon here in Melbourne.Can not wait....

Kira said...

Has anyone bought the dress yet? Does it fit true to size?

learoxyoursox said...

Ok so i REALLY want that dress now!

Anonymous said...

love that dress!!!!

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