Monday, October 26, 2009

Eclipse Wrapping Up

Although there's a few days left in the shooting schedule for "Eclipse," most of the cast celebrated finishing the third flick in the "Twilight Saga" at a wrap party in Vancouver on Saturday night. Director David Slade hosted the festivities at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Center.

E! Online reports that although the film's female lead, Kristen Stewart, didn't make the bash, Robert Pattinson, Jackson Rathbone, Bryce Dallas Howard, Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene and Elizabeth Reaser were there. Lutz, Greene and Reaser reportedly finished filming their portion of the flick last week.

Rathbone's band, 100 Monkeys, played to the partygoers and to the 70,000 non-human residents of the Science Center.

When MTV News caught up with Rathbone recently, he talked about some of his favorite Jasper scenes in "Eclipse." "I got to go back into my old roots, got to ride some horses again, which was nice. Got to put these riding boots to use, which is good," Rathbone said. "I actually can ride a horse."

Jasper's backstory, which takes place during the Civil War, will be told through flashbacks, Rathbone confirmed. "It was just really fantastic to get to delve in there and to get to don all the Civil War regalia and whatnot. That was a pleasure," he said. "I had to wear this wool suit of a major, cavalry major. "I got the big hat and everything. Hop off the horse, bow to these ladies, and then I get eaten. And then I get turned!"

"Eclipse" is set to wrap filming on Wednesday, just in time for the cast to begin their intense promotional schedule before the November 20 release of "New Moon."


Photo from Beyond the Coffin


Anonymous said...

That's kind of saddening. We were told that Kellan Lutz couldn't make the meet and greet in Peoria Saturday night because filming went longer than expected... :(

carlotta said...

so gelous about you in america who can go to see them in their promotional tours.. SAD..

Anonymous said...

you need to update your world-wide relese dates ;) for new moon

carlotta said...

in italy will be in cinemas on 18th november... wOOOOO!

badada said...

this is for Zagreb,Croatia!!