Monday, October 5, 2009

Tinsel Korey as Emily Young in Full Make-up

This is the first picture of Tinsel Korey in full makeup as Sam Uley’s fianceé Emily Young in New Moon.

"Tinsel Korey did her very first convention yesterday. She looked a little nervous at first but soon got into the swing of things. It’s obvious that she got along great with the wolfpack guys. It sounded like they had a older sister and teenage brothers relationship with that great sibling combo where you love them to pieces, but then there are times when you shake you head and just say too much testosterone in one place.

She also talked about her new castmates Boo Boo Stewart and Julie Jones, saying that they fit in right away and that is was nice having another girl (Julie) around frequently.

Tinsel also saw the promotional shot (below under the cut because it’s a large photo, shot from the display photo on Tinsel’s Q&A box, they also had huge banners of the same shot as well as copies that you could have Tinsel autograph.) for the first time. She talked about how the make up took several hours to do but that the effect was worth it.

Tinsel also said that she like both directors. They had different styles, both of which were good. (Charlie Bewley also said the same thing, more on Charlie later.) Tinsel said that David Slade is really funny and has a great dry British humor and was not at all the scary horror movie person she had first imagined."

What an awesome make-up artist, right?!?

Via Twilight Lexicon


Bitten said...


Anonymous said...

scars look really fake. You can tell its makeup

Little Lovables said...

scars looks great, but more work needs to be done to blend those pieces in... and I always thought that she would be a little more disfigured than that, like a downturned eye/lip corner?

Tracy said...

Emily is supposed to have the scar run down from her forehead across her eye which causes it to be pulled down in a horrible way and her mouth I think was also effected. This makeup job isn't true to Stephenie's portrayl.

hoLLy said...

kinda freaks me out