Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Washington Post Article

By Leonard Sax
Sunday, August 17, 2008; Page B07
Click on the title to read an article on Washington Post.com about the Twilight Series and feminism.
I thought it was very interesting!!
**Warning: It is a Spoiler**


Tara D said...

This is very interesting; thanks for posting it. It kind of makes you wonder though. This Amy Clarke person, does she have children of her own, any girls??? What did she read to them growing up? If she's so AGAINST the whole helpless woman being rescued bit, isn't that what most fairy tales are about??? HELLOOOOOOOO

-Melissa- said...

Interesting! I like stories of women being rescued by the strong, good looking guy.

Patty said...

Most girls do feel that way. I think that's why this series is so popular.

Moon Devious said...

I have to agree... no matter how hard-grained feminism may be into our society, the truth of the matter is, every (normal) girl out there wants to be "rescued" by her prince charming. :) Just another reason why i love Twilight and Stephenie Meyer...she doesn't hide behind these stereotypes that everyone tries to create.

hoLLy said...

feminism smeminism.

Amy Clarke said...

I'm Amy Clarke and I was completely misrepresented first by the reporter for the Washington Post and then by Leonard Sax. If you really want to know what I think about the books, you can read my comments at schoollibraryjournal.com. Just goes to show that you can't trust everything you read in the newspaper.