Friday, January 16, 2009

Robert Pattinson - MTV's Top Male MVP

From It's Pop Week here at MTV News, and that means we're catching up with and getting to know everyone who's going to make a splash in pop music and culture over the next 12 months. Whether they're just arriving on the scene or are already the name on everyone's lips, these are the artists we expect big things from in 2009.

They make girls swoon and hearts beat faster. They're the guys that girls hang posters of on their bedroom walls. Whether they star in movies, make music or do a little bit of both, these guys aren't going anywhere in 2009. In fact, girls wouldn't know what to do with themselves if they did. Quite frankly, they are as nice to look at as they are talented in their various jobs. These are MTV News' Pop Week Male MVPs, and here's what 2009 will bring for them.

#1 - ROBERT PATTINSON: After making millions of girls want to have a vampire love affair in "Twilight," English heartthrob Robert Pattinson will reprise his role as Edward Cullen in this year's "New Moon." But he also hopes to wow audiences as the young surrealist painter Salvador Dalí in the film "Little Ashes," which chronicles the early life of the brilliant artist and explores his romantic relationship with poet Federico García Lorca, played by Javier Beltran.

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Tara D said...

He's been my MVP since like forever. I didn't need MTV to tell me that, lol. :)

Pat said...

Hey, does anyone out their know what year and model of Volvo "our Edward" drove? I saw one in town I chased hoping it was Edward....I plam to buy me one and hopefully Edward comes with it...LOL!!

Cindy said...

It depends on if you're wanting the book version or the movie version.

Book: Volvo S60R
Movie: Volvo C30

I don't know the year, but I'm guessing 2008 or 2009.

coffee said...

he should start his own show: Bromance 2

Bella said...

Hey umm i know this has NOTHING to do with your post but can either one of you cindy or whoever writes on this blogg please visit mine because ive left a thank you post for you guys i love your blog! please visit and read my thank you's

Bella said...

Oh dont worry about it lol yeah ive been finding these rare cute twilight pictures and if i find anything good ill fill you in ;) But i was also wonderin if you could help me out a bit, im REALLY new at this and i dont know any other way to contact you so i dont know if this is the best way for you this blog was kinda like my inspiration to make mine =] i want even gonna comment you, i thought omg there blog is so popular shes probably to busy to comment back :).


Kay said...

Love your floating Rob head pointer! Keeep up the good work! - - -Kay