Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Twilight's Taylor Lautner Packs on 26 Lbs to near his Weight Goal!

OMG reports

Taylor Lautner has almost reached his goal of gaining 29 lbs. for the Twilight sequel, New Moon.

"I've been working hard for eight or nine months, and I've put on about 26 pounds of muscle," he told Saturday at the Access Hollywood "Stuff You Must" Gift Lounge in West Hollywood.

"I'm literally in the gym every single day for at least two hours a day," added the actor, 16.

"It's hard work," he told Us. "My motivation is basically my passion for the character of Jacob and the series. I want the fans to be proud of the movie, so I have to live up to Jacob."

Besides hitting the gym, "I'm trying to eat as much as possible," he said. "Basically I'm supposed to eat everything I can and try to keep it lean. Lean meats and veggies."
It was announced earlier this month that Lautner will return following weeks of questions about whether he could effectively portray his werewolf character (who grows a foot taller and looks 25 years old in the sequel). Most fans overwhelmingly wanted Lautner back.

Lautner told Us the support of Twilight has been "crazy."

"It's blown up into something we had no idea," he said, "so it's really exciting. I'm so thrilled to be a part of something like this."

New Moon begins shooting later this year.


Patty said...

Lookin Good Jacob!!

Anonymous said...

He looks amazing!! I hope all this weight lifting won’t stunt his growth. I couldn't imagine the dedication it is taking for him to do that day in and day out!

Cindy said...

Wow, he's looking awesome!

Tara D said...

Good for Taylor! I wonder how they're going to make him taller, though. Are they stretching him out daily as well??? hee hee, just keeding. Maybe he'll just have to be walking and running on stilts then. ;)

hoLLy said...

i hear they are stretching him in a machine for one hour a day.

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW! He is looking really good.: )
Very Jacoby! :D

Pat said...

Okay, Okay...I got too excited talking abour Edward that I didn't proofread! It's Patty's fault, she got me "hooked"! Got Edward on the brain "24-7" LOL!

Rhyanna said...

O my God! He looks amazing. I love him and I think he's going to do a great job in New Moon! He has put so much into getting the spot and he totally deserved it!

Paige said...

Oh my gosh! Robert and Taylor are soo hot! :) i am soo obseessed. it woudl be a dream coem true to meet them! :D