Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Twilight-Inspired Sweets

Okay, so apparently just about everyone is jumping on the Twilight bandwagon. I guess I can't blame them!

From BostonHerald.com

New England Confectionery Co.’s Sweethearts Conversation Hearts are going from “I Love You” and “Marry Me” to “Bite Me.”

The Revere candy company wants to make the 143-year-old line more relevant to teens and tweens with a tie-in to the popular “Twilight” film based on the best-selling vampire romance novels.

NECCO will release softer, sparkling versions of the pastel sugar hearts in March, when the film is released on DVD. The printed messages will include “Bite Me,” “Secret” and “Soul Mate,” and flavors such as “orange obsession” and “tempting apple.” More Sweethearts will hit stores for the November release of the “New Moon” sequel.


Tara D said...

They should release those new ones before Valentine's! I can't wait to gets me some Twilight candy! yummm

Jaci - Twilight Chick said...

yummy.. aww. food.. yup... yummy.

ACDC2005 said...

Cute idea!!

taryn said...

Hehehehe i already got mine, there at blockbuster, they come in 3 different boxes; one has just edward, one has just bella and the last has the cullens and bella.