Thursday, January 29, 2009

Twilight PETA Award

Okay, this is just strange! Twilight Lexicon posted that PETA, yes PETA, gave Twilight "The Most Animal-Friendly Award." What??? I agree totally with Lexicon ~ did they see the same movie we did???

Here's what Lexicon had to say: "To be honest, we’re kind of boggling at the irony of this one. PETA has given the Twilight movie an award as being most friendly to animals. Do the PETA people realize that "vegetarian vampire" isn’t literal and that the Cullens drink animal blood? In the first forty or so seconds of the movie a deer is clearly killed. Did they watch the same movie we did?"

Thanks Lexicon, we're boggling over here, too!!!

Update from PETA: "Peta2 awarded Twilight with the Libby Award for “Most Animal-Friendly Movie” because the movie promoted vegetarianism. Bella eats only vegetarian foods in the movie (when she is at the diner in Forks with Charlie she orders a veggie burger, and in Port Angeles with Edward she eats mushroom ravioli). Bella also gives her Dad grief for eating steak and Stephenie Meyer is served a vegetarian platter during her cameo.

Even though “vegetarian vampires” is a misnomer, no animals were harmed in the movie. We know that no one will be killing animals to satisfy their vampiric thirst as a result of seeing Twilight, but we do hope everyone will follow Bella’s example and give vegetarianism a try!"

Okay, now that makes more sense!


Tara D said...

Yeah, I'm with you on this one. I don't think they saw the same movie, lol.

D said...

Ok, when people say PETA they think of a big organization that makes decisions and then puts them out there.

The Libby Awards are actually through PETA2, which is the youth division of the organization and they are voted on by youth members. PETA puts out a list of people and products that are animal friendly and then PETA Members choose from that, much like the People's Choice Awards.

The award isn't given out for the storyline, but for the production and animal ethicacy of the entire team.

If you want to dig into it, Twilight would work, because the vampires are not intentionally malicious and it is there nature to eat blood - they'd die without it. PETA doesn't blacklist animals that are carnivores, so I think this would fall into the same category. The Cullens go out of their way NOT to be cruel and in the world they inhabit that in and of itself is a huge statement.

hoLLy said...

very interesting D. thanks for the insight! that does make more sense.

but yeah, cindy, it does seem pretty funny that they termed it "most animal-friendly" when the cullens eat animals:)

Cindy said...

I just think they didn't actually see the movie ~ or maybe they thought Edward was just giving that deer at the beginning a great big hug!