Friday, June 18, 2010

Emma Roberts Deletes Twitter Account After Mean Twilight Fans Comments


Robert Pattinson didn't seem to mind when Emma Roberts revealed on "The Tonight Show" that she is on Team Jacob -- but Team Edward definitely did.

Since telling Jay Leno she preferred the hunky werewolf to the brooding vampire on Tuesday's "Tonight Show," Roberts has been bombarded by nasty tweets from Pattinson's fans.

They were so vicious, in fact, that the 19-year-old actress was forced delete her Twitter account, E! Online reports.

"Team Jacob? Ewwwwwwwww!!!!! >.<," wrote one user, whose comment was mild compared to several others.

Before closing her account Wednesday night, Roberts tweeted, "Rob Pattinson is so nice! I was slightly disappointed his skin wasn't glittering & the song 'Wild Thing' didn't start when he shook my hand."

Although some Twi-hards slammed Roberts for her "Tonight Show" proclamation, others are embarrassed by their fellow fans' actions.

"Dear Emma Roberts, Sorry abt our fandom," tweeted one "Twilight" lover. "Please know not all of us act that way. I didn't agree w/ your Jay antics, but won't cuss you out."

Another Twi-hard reminded everyone that if Pattinson wasn't offended, they shouldn't be.

"Emma Roberts deleted her twitter? I can safely say i'm very embarrassed to even be part of Twilight at this point," the fan tweeted. "Rob made a joke about it!"

When Roberts admitted she was on Team Jacob on "The Tonight show," Pattinson quipped, "Well, you just revealed yourself to have no taste."

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