Sunday, June 27, 2010

Red Carpet Quotes: Stars Spill at Eclipse Premiere


The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is finally here, and E! staked out the red carpet tonight at L.A.'s Nokia Theatre.

Here's what all the castmembers and celebs had to say as they hit the biggest premiere of the year:

"R.Pattz fever is a lot louder than George Clooney fever. The younger girls are a little louder."
Anna Kendrick on whose fans are more intense, Rob's or George Clooney's

"In like five years or 10 years, we'll have a much better perspective on what happened and what's happening, and then we'll give much better interviews. Right now, I don't know what to say except I can't believe it."
Nikki Reed on what she thinks of the phenomenal Twilight success

"The film better be good! [Jokingly] Um, people have just gotta sleep with me...then they'll know!"
Robert Pattinson when asked to explain fans' obsessions with him

"I don't think they meant it, but I got like a big blue mark on my forehead about five minutes after I got here. And I had to run back and, like, take it off. It was really embarrassing actually."
Kristen Stewart, on a little Sharpie mishap taking place on the red carpet

"It was intense in the tent! It was always a little awkward, especially when I'm shirtless and he's, like, grabbing my chest because he's mad at me...[Laughs.] It's a little weird."
Taylor Lautner on the tent scene he and Rob have in Eclipse

"This is the first time the film kind of departs from Bella's point of view, so it gives me something more to do."
Xavier Samuel on Riley's importance during Eclipse

"Having a mom who spanked you with a paddle...with holes in it...wood and with splinters. That's the secret."
Kellan Lutz on how he stays grounded amid the new success in his life

"It's definitely not easy...[Laughs.] I don't know, I don't know!"
Elizabeth Reaser when asked if she believes in the true love Edward and Bella represent

"It's what I love about what I do and the life that I'm able to have and be able to just be so normal one day and be here the next...I feel so lucky to be able to do what I do."
Dakota Fanning, when asked how she handles the success of the series

"I don't think he really knows how to play that well, which is why I keep inviting him back."
Peter Facinelli when asked how Robert Pattinson does at the celeb poker games he organizes

"We actually had a lot of fun with it. Kristen and I sort of have the same approach...That is not to overprepare or overthink things...We just kind of wanted to see what happened organically, and I think that's what came out."
Billy Burke, when asked how he and Kristen prepared for the sex talk between Charlie and Bella

"I'm like, 'Relax he's just a person!'"
Bryce Dallas Howard after revealing her father, director Ron Howard, constantly asks her about Robert Pattinson

"I think I'm the perfect fit for Bella!"
Greyson Chance when asked who he thinks Bella should end up with

"I think we're gonna see some fainters, and then some criers."
Sarah Clarke, when asked what she thought the reactions of the fans would be as the night went on

"Riley plays a crucial role in the books and in the movies, and I wanted to know more about him. Between Stephenie and I, we expanded on his character."
Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg when asked about Riley's development over the course of the films

"Guys always think that if they play this game or can come up with a clever thing, women see right through that and we will not talk to you. It's better to just be honest."
Jennifer Love Hewitt, giving Ben Lyons advice on the best way to approach women

"Everybody did as much of their own stunts as they possibly could. Some people were really up for it. Like, Kellan did most of his stuff...We dumped him in the river I think nine times..."
Eclipse director David Slade on the cast's willingness to do their own stunts

"I'm team Bella. Whoever she wants, that's who I want."
Marisa Miller when asked if she's Team Edward or Team Jacob

"It's chaotic. I have heard blood-curdling screams, and every time I hear it I think someone's being brutally murdered, but I realize it's a werewolf..."
Modern Family's Sarah Hyland when asked about the atmosphere on the red carpet

"It's the favorite among almost the entire cast...It's a culmination...There's so much tension this time around. We have to join forces with a vampire family to fight this new threat. So much cool things going on."
Alex Meraz when asked why Eclipse is his favorite of the series so far

"I had to drive past it on Sunset [Boulevard] every day for a month or two, so I kind of got used to it. Not too shabby!"
AnnaLynne McCord when asked what she thought of Kellan Lutz's Calvin Klein underwear ads

"All I know is, I wouldn't do that for my favorite movie, so to show their fan support like that, it makes me feel like I'm actually doing what I'm supposed to be doing."
Cameron Bright when asked about the fans who've camped out for days prior to the premiere

"I wanna know if you Twilight fans think the Bree Tanner books should be a movie."
Jodelle Ferland, posing her own question to the Twilight fans

"There wasn't anything outrageous. She didn't have a third arm or anything..."
Christian Serratos, when asked what she learned about Kristen Stewart behind-the-scenes.

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