Monday, June 14, 2010

Kellan, Ashley & Jackson Talk Action


As part of this weekend's press junket in Los Angeles, California, Access Hollywood got to speak with "Cullen family" actors Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, and Jackson Rathbone.

In the interview, the three revealed that the most difficult scenes to film in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse weren't the action-oriented ones but rather those scenes where they were in dialogue with several other cast members.

"In New Moon we got a little taste of the action . . . Eclipse was really fun to film because the whole time we had stunt training and personal training," said Ashley Greene.

"It's kind of like . . . in making an action film, it's probably some of the most fun. I mean, you spend weeks chereographing these elaborate fight sequences and finally you get to enact it . . . especially since you have all these amazing stunt ment and women who are just extremely talented . . . they make you look really cool," Jackson Rathbone added.

"We actually liked running around and being active . . . but whenever there's twelve of us in one scene, and you have to do it over and over again, it's actually exhausting," explained Ashley Greene.

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omg! that is the cutest pic of Alice and Jasper!!!!