Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bella & Jacob Chemistry Previewed at Comic-Con


SAN DIEGO — It isn't often that, right in the middle of an interview, one of the subjects will suddenly lean over and nearly give the other one a full-on, passionate kiss. But when we caught up with "Twilight" saga stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner recently at Comic-Con, love was in the air.

As thousands of Twilighters walked around the Con wearing Burger King crowns that showed their support for either Team Edward or Team Jacob, 17-year-old Lautner knew the pressure was on. Not even a year ago, Robert Pattinson and Kristen created a rare chemistry that made them superstars, as they mixed their youthful good looks with the sort of classic romance that made the grandparents of their fans swoon over Bogey and Bacall, Tracy and Hepburn or Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh. Now he was in San Diego to convince fans that he could accomplish the same feat for "New Moon."

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"It's not tough when you're working with someone like this," Lautner insisted, moments after KStew responded to the chemistry question by leaning over and fake-kissing the hunky actor who packed on more than 30 pounds of muscle for the sequel. "[Stewart] is extremely talented."

"And it's such a different relationship," added Stewart, who couldn't possibly look any more anti-Bella these days as she finishes up work on her "Runaways" biopic about rocker Joan Jett, with short black hair and a Minor Threat T-shirt as her Comic-Con attire. "It's entirely original."

As those who've memorized every word of Stephenie Meyer's novels know, the Bella-Jacob chemistry is indeed entirely different from what makes the Bella-Edward moments leap off the page with passion. It's sweeter, more innocent, more playful — but if the "Twilight" films are to be as successful as the novels, then the pressure is on Stewart and Lautner to create the same "Which man will she choose?" drama heading into next year's "Eclipse."

"[Bella and Jacob] are light," explained Stewart, whose playful kiss may have given us a "New Moon" preview. "They actually have fun with each other."

And judging by the rapturous response they got at the Con, Taylor and Kristen had a lot of fun this week as well. "We get along really, really, really well," Lautner said of his time with Stewart. "It was fun; we had a great time on the set."


Anonymous said...

Kirsten looks very tired.

Cindy said...

So does Rob!

Tara D said...

Kristen looks icky. I know it's all the part she's playing in the film she's doing now, The Runaways, but still. I don't like the new Joan Jett look at all.

Kaytee Maytee xx said...

I agree with you there Tara D. Eeew, BAAAD look for Kristen. But (I am team Edcob/Jakeward) taylor is lookin fiiiiiine :) But rob just looks knackered

Tiffk_TWI LI FAN05 said...

ugh! i wish she wouldve never sut her hair she si so pretty, :(
idc how much money i wouldve gotten, i would never cut my hair for a movie!


Anonymous said...

UGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Olive Tree started a Twilight Haters Club! I am so mad!

Well Kristin and Edward look ugly and Kristin looks like she could use a better look and better makeup!

Anonymous said...

EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! Her hair is so wierd!!! Her hair was much prettier.

janmaris said...

Its sad Kristen had to cut her hair but it will grow back. What really killed it was dressing for the part. If she would've at least tried not to dress lyk a punk maybe it wouldn't hav looked so bad but w/e. Let her be herself. Anyways, I am soo glad they brought Taylor back. He has always been astonishingly good looking and I love the way he brings Jacob to life in the films. Way to go Tay!!!!!

Anonymous said...

In the group picture Taylor and Ashely look good, but Kristen looks really tired...and Rob looks awful...both of them look as if they were sick. Maybe they should take it easy for a while.

me said...

Poor Rob.He's obviously working really really hard.I hope they dont start shooting Eclipse straight away.What am i saying of course i do but i hope they all get a holiday after like 8 months solid work on two films! If they got ill they couldnt work- if they couldnt work that would delay the films...... GET THEM ON HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!