Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Peter Promotes Reading!

Susan Yeager at EnterTeenment News has a really good article about Peter Facinelli's appearance at Charleston Town Center in West Virginia. It gives us a really good look into Peter's personality. Here's a couple of tidbits from the article.

Having just finished a RV trip with his family, he had been watching the Robin Williams movie "RV" over and over lately and enjoys reading books like "Cat and the Hat" to his younger daughters. He encouraged everyone to read as much as they good describing it as "getting to create your own movie in your head." Fans clamored to take pictures with cameras and cell phones while the actor spoke and then it was time to start meeting the fans. The actor took his place in front of a red curtain that would serve as a "Twilight" looking background.

Peter seemed to enjoy talking with everyone as much as they liked talking to him. He complimented them on their dresses, shirts and ball caps, offered one a piece of gum when he was getting one for himself and got on bended knee for younger fans so he could be on their level. While waiting for the next person in line, fans who had screamed his name from upper levels of the mall or from behind barricades would get treated to waves, hello's, smiles for the cameras and even air kisses.

To see Susan's entire article, click here. There's also some really great pictures of Peter. Thanks for sharing Susan!

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