Friday, July 17, 2009

New Moon on the Rise

"Reporting from Vancouver, Canada -- Robert Pattinson is having an Obi-Wan Kenobi moment. Inside a soundstage where 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' is shooting, the lanky English heartthrob stands in front of a tall, wide green screen murmuring a tender admonition, 'You promised me nothing reckless.' Motion capture cameras hurtle toward him across a length of track affixed to the stage floor, while a team of technicians studies his stance and the tilt of his head.The plan is to digitally insert Pattinson, who plays swoony good guy vampire Edward Cullen, into a scene that was filmed much earlier -- one in which he appears as a spectral vision to his costar, Kristen Stewart, cautioning her headstrong character, Bella Swan, against hanging out with some unsavory-looking biker types. For the effect to work, Pattinson's image will need to be dropped in at exactly the right position, so despite the cast and crew nearing the end of a very long early May day, perfectionism is still the standard.The team working on this sequel to last year's Catherine Hardwicke-directed 'Twilight,' which brought in an unexpected $365 million worldwide for Summit Entertainment, is moving quickly to sustain the momentum of the sexy, youth-oriented franchise."
I LOVE this movie still, don't you?!? It's so hot! ;)


Anonymous said...

I love that picture of Bella and Jacob. He is so hot!! I can hardly wait for it.

mill said...

Yeah i think they make a cute couple but i'm glad about how everything turns out it would be a completely different story if Jacob and Bella got together dont you think?