Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pattinson Steams up Photo Shoot - In Stores Now!

From Jenny McCarthy at

Robert Pattinson, 23, is looking awfully damp and sexy in the latest issue of US Weekly. Part of a photo shoot done with Rolling Stone a few months ago, these latest pictures are reminiscent of River Phoenix and James Dean. Sporting a jean vest, low slung jeans, and a bared chest, Pattinson fans will surely devour these latest pictures! A source on the set tells US Weekly that Pattinson was up for anything, even letting them throw a bucket of water on him to capture shots like the one on the right.

Pattinson has captured the essence of "brooding male", from playing a tortured vampire in Twilight to a young man with family issues in the upcoming Remember Me. Fans have noted that recent set pictures of Rob in New York are lacking in smiles; is he taking the brooding attitude too far? Or is the fame and hype starting to get to him?

In any case, fans seem to adore Pattinson's mopey faces just as much as his smiles. Head to the magazine stands this week to get your Pattinson photo fix!


Leenhypertastic said...

I'm so going to buy that one. [:

gabrielle said...

Hi! Interesting blog!

Alex said...

Oh soooooooooooooooooooo Friking hot !! he's absolutely friking gorgeus. i actually love him !!!!!!!

Love alex XX

emily said...

omg omg omg omg i think rob is super freakin hot and i actually love him.NO.JOKE. oh yeah hiii alex!!;-)We are wiener buddies!!

Love Emily x x

Emily said...

But actually he shouldnt cross dress it made me and alex cry with sadness and laughter!!!!

Love Emily again x

Alex said...

If you want to see robert as a woman go to and search "she's a lady. whoa whoa whoa" its hilarious!!!!!

no joke he actually shouldn't.