Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Help Edward Beat Barbie!!

ELLE Magazine has a Video Star contest each week. This week a Team Edward video is in the running for ELLE Video Star. Please visit to view the video and help Candy lead Team Edward to a victory!

Here's the information we received from Corie at ELLE:

We thought you might be interested to know that Barbie is beating Edward right now on! On ELLE Video Star, we have some great how-to makeup videos, such as how to get Bella day and Bella night looks, and, this week, an Edward-inspired look made by Candice Layne made it into the Final Four. If Candy gets the most views this week, her Edward video will earn her the title of ELLE Video Star, but if her rival Rose Funk wins, then Barbie will beat Edward.

We’d love it if you could get the word out to your readers that Team Edward needs their views. Also, if anyone wants to submit his or her own video, they have a chance to win in the future (we pick one Video Star each week).


Anonymous said...

Who cares about Edward when there is Jacob!

Anonymous said...

are you kidding me!? i don't diss jacob, either say somthing nice or don't say anything at all. anyways jake's to hot, edward's to cold, but together they're just right.

Candy said...

Thanks for posting this, that is so awesome of you!