Sunday, July 12, 2009

Harry Potter vs. Twilight?

The Wall Street Journal has an article comparing the marketing strategies and target audiences of Twilight and Harry Potter. As usual, they seem to miss the point that there are a HUGE number of adults seeing both pictures. And oh my, isn't that a hideous picture to the left?!? lol
Below is an excerpt from what WSJ had to say:

“Hollywood marketing executives say that these days the “Twilight” franchise has influenced almost every studio marketing campaign that targets teenage girls. Some posters for the upcoming “Potter” film echo “Twilight”’s emphasis on romance. One features Harry and his crush, Ginny, gazing longingly into each others’ eyes, in a pose reminiscent of “Twilight”’s now-iconic image of its star-crossed lovers, Bella and Edward. Another shows Harry’s friend Ron with his girlfriend Lavender, while a jealous Hermione scowls in the background.
Warner Bros. and the team behind “Potter” say they didn’t take the “Twilight” franchise into account when designing their marketing materials for “The Half-Blood Prince.” Instead, they crafted a campaign aimed to resonate with previous “Potter” films, the executives and filmmakers say, dismissing the notion that there is a rivalry between the franchises among fans.”

Do you actually think Potter being a copycat? And who out there could care less? I for one don't think it's a big deal, but it is awfully coincidental that they're so alike. Thoughts?

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Shell said...

There is no comparison between HP and Twilight. I'd chose HP movies over the crap that was Twilight any day and I, for one, absolutely loved the books.
Potter couldn't be a "copycat" since the movie is following the book. Hopefully better than Twilight did.

Anonymous said...

Harry Potter will always be better than twilight. I love them both dearly, but lets face it, J. K. can actually WRITE.
I totally agree with what Shell said. HP can't be a "copycat" since it came first.

Anonymous said...

Twilight is best!<3

Tara D said...

I think what the article is referring to when they're saying "copycat" is the image on the posters, not the story. And New Moon posters came before these so-called copycat Potter posters came out.

Neny84 said...

wait! the 6 book of harry has everything the love between harry and genny, and the love triangle ron hermione and the other girl.. so if they wanted to make the poster like that there's no crime... since twilight isn't the first showing lovers ang love triangle on posters!!!
By the way i love twilight too but that articule make me mad!!!

Anonymous said...

You can't compare Harry Potter to Twilight - there totally different stories. (I think Twilight is better though) By the way, that picture of Edward is sooo ugly!!

Anonymous said...

you can't compare twilight to harry potter because they're both so different! JK Rowling is a better writer than stephanie meyer. i love the twilight books but the harry potter books are so... how do i put this.... every detail in the first book comes back in the last. it's so very different from twilight that they can't be compared. so therefore the posters won't be the same either. every story has some sort of romance in them and it just so happens that the HPteam and the twilight team chose the same kind of posters. no big deal if you ask me!!!

and yes, the picture is really really ugly!!!


Cindy said...

Yeah, that's a pretty freaky picture!

ALex said...

i think that HP and twilight are soooo different - ones about magic and wizardry and the others about gorgeus , sparkly vampires - you can't say which is better. And frankly if i were the people who designed the twilight posters i'd be flattered.And we have to remember HP was planned to come out previous to twilight.
To be honest - i don't care what the posters look like i'm going to judge the film itself not the posters.
i like both stories but for me twilight ever so slightly wins.
yes, it's a hideous pic.
Lots of love to the blog
Alex X

Anonymous said...

omg i so agree with alex and the funny thing is she's my best mate!!! I love HP and cant wait for it to come out on wednesday but Twilight is so much more ........I'm not actually sure but i just cant stop watching it and reading the books i actually read all the books in the space of four days so basically i love both and how the hell are they the same?!
Lots of twilight love

Anon x x

Emz said...

Most gross pic ever completely ruins two gorgeous faces!!!!! How could they do that to me :-(

Anonymous said...

oh yeah and Shell is so wrong twilight is not crap, if she thought it was crap whats she doing on "Our twilight chronicles"???

Brittney M. said...

Twilight is the best! it always has been and it always will be!!!!!! edward cullen my man! <3