Sunday, July 19, 2009

Taylor "Feels Bad" for Jacob


Shooting for “New Moon” has wrapped quite a while ago, as fans must already know, with the entire cast preparing now to start work on the third film. With November still a long way to go, when the second installment comes out, Taylor Lautner is doing his best to keep fans on his toes, as shown in his latest interview with HitFix.

The interview took place back in May but, for reasons not disclosed, it’s just now that the publication is running it. It comes to perfectly accompany a photo that was just released by Summit Entertainment, showing Jacob (Taylor Lautner) and Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) having a very intense moment inside a car, where it can be easily seen both that Bella is toying with her friend and that Jacob is desperately in love with her.

Speaking of which, Taylor tells HitFix it was initially hard for him to get to understand and become the character he’s playing. Once he did, though, he felt immense pity for him. “I don’t feel bad one bit; I feel bad for myself! (Laughs.) No, when I was reading the books, I felt so bad for Jacob’s character. But now that I’m actually living him, I feel way worse. Bella’s toying with Jacob! I don’t care if she’s ripped between the two guys, I feel so bad for Jacob, because she confused him; one moment, she’ll want to kiss him, and the next moment, she’s ditching him for Edward. I mean, yeah, I understand where Bella’s coming from, and it’s a crappy situation for all of them. But I feel really bad for Jacob.” the young actor explains.

If Taylor feels bad for Jacob, he is clearly not alone. Aside from the female admirers who are dying with anticipation for “New Moon” to be released and thus see just how many times Jacob will appear shirtless, there are also those who would rather choose Jacob before Edward because of the unrequited love story. According to Taylor, it’s precisely this love triangle that the movie is trying to place plenty of emphasis on, while the increased attention has only made the cast and producers be more aware that they’re being watched and, thus, invest more in their work.

“We know what we’re making this time around. I mean, for the first film, we really had no idea we were making a big film, we just knew that we were all in love with the series and wanted to make a great movie. But we didn’t know that all the people were going to fall in love with the movie and it was going to be as big as it was. Now, we’re coming into ‘New Moon,’ you know, with a little bit more pressure, but we’re trying to push that behind us and not think about that, and stay focused on what we need to do.” Taylor says of the difference between “Twilight” and “New Moon.”

For the full interview with HitFix, please see here.


Jillian C. said...

As myself i don't feel too bad for him but i have a twinge of pity. I can't wait for eclipse too!

Alex said...

I didn't feel an ounce of pity for jacob. i know , i know. but i'm an extreme edward fan. but stephenie meyer picked up on the - anger for want of a better word , towards him so she wrote a "short" (16 page) summary of twilight/new moon from jacobs view. it opened my eyes to how he would feel. now, i'm still more of an edward then a jacob fan but i like him now. :)

love alex X

Russ said...

Love this site. I'll be back. Not yet done reading everything in here.Ü

hoLLy said...

i was annoyed by jacob when i read the books, but i think taylor lautner is a cutie patootie and may make me like him more:)