Monday, November 2, 2009

Contest Winners

We've received a couple of photos showing our past contest winners with their prizes, so we'd like to share them with you. See, people do really win!!! We'll be doing another giveaway soon, so stay tuned, maybe you'll be our next winner :-)

Here's Courtney all decked out in her Bella jacket. She was Bella for Halloween. The jacket looks great on her, doesn't it?

And Casey made us a Thank-You Card after she won her Twilight throw. What a great job she did!!

Thanks to Courtney & Casey for sharing!


Tara D. said...

How awesome! The jacket looks great, and it was very sweet of Casey to send a thank you card. I'm glad they loved their prizes! :)

Clare said...

the jacket looks lovely on you Courtney!
it was a good idea to as Bella for halloween!

Anonymous said...

she looks great in that jacket!!!