Tuesday, November 3, 2009

'New Moon' World Premieres Begin.....

From MTV's HollywoodCrush:

Robert Pattinson heads to Japan while Kristen & Taylor take on Brazil.

Congratulations "Twilight" fans, your long months of waiting have paid off! "New Moon" month has begun, which to those not obsessed with the Twi-verse might refer to as "November." With less than 18 days until "New Moon" opens worldwide, the stars of the vampire blockbuster have packed their bags and are traveling the world to hit its various premieres.

Or, in the case of leading hunk Robert Pattinson, packed their bags and guitar. While Rob did stop to sign autographs (above, left) for the fans waiting at Narita Airport for today's Tokyo premiere, his guitar case was thrown on top of his many bags of luggage (above, right). That traveling companion makes us think maybe he has his priorities a little off if he's expecting to be strumming some chords instead of enjoying the release of his expectedly box-office-shattering film. Or maybe he plays the guitar instead of reading a book like we typically do on long plane rides.

Director Chris Weitz was also caught on camera heading to the Tokyo premiere. In the photo, it looks like he is either waving or reaching out to shake the paparazzi's hand. Seriously, ladies and gents, from someone who's spoken with the man to you, he is the nicest guy ever. I wouldn't be surprised if he was trying to shake the hand of someone who was snapping photos of him right after he landed.

Today Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are on the other side of the world also working the red carpet for the "New Moon" premiere in Brazil. Keep your eyes on Hollywood Crush for more updates as "New Moon" premieres around the world!


Little Lovables said...

I'm sure Robert's guitar is how he relaxes after his appearances.

Anonymous said...

mabey i should pack my bags and go to tokyo... lol :)