Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Twilight and Philosophy

One of our Followers, Jessica, found this intriguing book about Twilight & Philosophy. Here's her review if you're interested in picking it up.

"Twilight and Philosophy looks deep into the lines of Twilight and the thoughts of the characters. It discusses key points in all four books. Can Edward be a person? Is it ironic that Edward is a vegetarian and Bella orders mushroom ravioli? If animals are human food, are we vampire food? What can vampires tell us about the meaning of life? What does Twilight tell us about God? Is Edward a romantic hero or a dangerous stalker? Is Bella a feminist? Is Stephanie Meyer? This book discusses main points in philosophy and how they relate to the Twilight series. It refers to western philosophers such as Plato, Socrates and many others. I recommend this book to anyone who loves Twilight and would like to know more about the in depth analysis behind the making of the Twilight saga."

Thanks for sharing, Jessica!


Anne said...

Woah...I thoroughly believe that there is a moral undertone to the saga, which I greatly appreciate, but this is taking a bit too far I think. I mean, comparing it to works of Socrates and Plato?!? I'm a HUGE fan of Twilight but this is kind of out there.

I mean, who cares if Bella is a feminist...or a vegetarian or if we are vampire food. We do all know that vampire's aren't real, right? The fact is, it's a fictional slant on Romeo and Juliet with a weirdly happy ending. It's just an all around great story. Lets just leave it at that.

Jane said...

It's definitely not my cup of tea, but I'm sure there's plenty of people out there who like this kind of stuff.

Karen said...

WHOAH.. people need to remember this is a book awesome one but still. I think there needs to be a limit. Philosophy come on?
Ok- sure there are lessons in the books but thats as far as it goes.

Anonymous said...

we all know this is JUST a book series rite??? i maen yes, of course its MORE than amzing but...


so i doesnt matter wahts ironic or if bella is a feminest or if we r vamp food! com on!

Amelie said...

I'll be vamp food any day! C'mon Edward, eat up! lols ;)

Alex said...

Who would actually go into that much detail on a fictional story.
oh no! Bellas a vegatarian. So? loads of people are vegatarian. romantic hero? dangerous stalker? i think the books kind off clear that one up.

It makes no sense.
All we know and need to know is that it's an awesome story.We love it.
end of rant. :)

ericka Angeles said...

is this book available here in the Philippines? i want to buy that book.