Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Robert Denies Dating Kristen


Don't ask vampire pin-up Robert Pattinson if he's dating his sexy co-star - he thinks all the speculation is just a pain in the neck.

The 23-year-old Londoner insists that he and American Kristen Stewart, 19 - his love interest in the Twilight films - are "just good friends" and that their sizzling onscreen chemistry is purely for the cameras.

Yeah, right... "It doesn't matter what you say," says Robert about rumours of their "romance".

"I've been literally across the country (from Kristen) and it's like, 'Oh, they were on secret dates!' "It's like, 'Where? I can't even get out of my hotel room.' [We're] good friends.

"I think she's the best young actress around. She's influenced how I've done all the Twilight stuff. It's quite nice to have someone who is genuinely indifferent to the whole spectacle of everything."

Ah well, if he will insist he's single we'd better step away from the garlic or we won't stand a chance - not that Robert thinks so.

In his most revealing interview to date, former model Robert also tells Vanity Fair that he doesn't rate his appearance at all.

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He dismisses his chiselled good looks, saying he's like a "blob" and "a cartoon character". And he reckons he looks "like an idiot" because one of his legs is slightly longer than the other. Poor lamb!

Robert adds: "I was such a terrible model.

"I was really tall but still looked like a six-year-old."

A pity vampires don't cast a reflection - one glance in the mirror would put him right there.

In the interview he also admits he struggles to cope with life as a celebrity.

Confessing his insecurities, he says: "I'm unbearably selfconscious about stuff.

"I'm trying not to drown. I guess I'm not the type of guy cut out to do a franchise. I'm not much of a crowd person."

Robert, who also starred in a Harry Potter movie, also says he came close to quitting acting: "I was going to all these auditions and telling everyone how I got fired [from a play in the West End] because I stood up for my principles, and making up all this (bleep).

"I went nuts for a while." He says he even stopped talking to his agent and began playing his guitar in bars where "no one gave a (bleep) when you got up on stage". We bet they would now, Rob!

We want to know: Do you think Rob & Kristen are dating? (We here at OTC don't believe it and that's why we haven't posted much about it ~ remember the pregnancy rumors ~ LOL!!, but we could always be wrong, who knows????)


Bitten said...

Pfft...she is dating Taylor :)

Buying our tickets today!!

Bryann said...

totally not dating!

Alex said...

OMG! they aren't dating!
every interview they go to - it's like "you and kristen???" it must be so annoying
even if they were dating is it any of our busines??? NO!
i think they should just drop it.

Your Mum said...

I would like to believe they're dating, but I agree with Alex, is it really any of our business??

Karen said...

Jesus... they are not dating! Get over it ... its a story. Not everyone is Sookie and Bill!! Only in TrueBlood

Anonymous said...

i REALLY wish ther were dating but there like not so i just think everyone should move on! what about my talyor hottie???

Amelie said...

Hey Bitten,
When I see "pfft", I always think of someone passing gas. Just thought I'd let you know, it sounded like you farted before you commented, lol. haha

LinnM said...

Kristen said she is not going to discuss her personal life, because everyone has made it such a "big deal". I think that means Yes, she and Rob are together, but she wants to keep "something" meaning her love-life, private. At least for now. I'm sure it's hard to bear all the scrutiny and criticism, and she wants her relationship to be above and beyond all that.. to keep is sacred so to speak.

Anonymous said...

i really wish they were dating...................