Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Twilight Experience

A couple of our Followers, Danielle & Julie, had the opportunity to see Kellan at a meet and greet. Unfortunately, Kellan was unable to make it, but he rescheduled for a later date. Since he could not make it, Chaske Spencer took his place.

Here's Danielle's email about her experience:

"Well, it was kind of a bummer. Kellan actually cancelled the night before at about 11pm. He went to that party that you guys posted a bit about. They are rescheduling him to come back to Peoria though. In his place Chaske Spencer came. I was actually super impressed with him. Obviously since Kellan had to cancel so late, Chaske was given super late notice and still made it over here. He was extremely nice and patient with everyone. The good news is our regular meet and greet passes still count for when Kellan comes, our VIP ones, however do not :(. I have attached a few pictures from the day though."


Anonymous said...

wish i could of benn there!!!!
u guys sounded like u ahd fun though :)!!!

Rebecca said...

Lucky gals!! And to think, you still have Kellan to look forward to. I'm super jealous!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

that sounds like so much fun!!!!wish i were able to meet someone from that twilight cast!!!