Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bryce Dallas Howard in Vancouver: Hitting the Gym

So yes, we're all aware now that Howard is to play the role of Victoria in Eclipse, sad but true. But moving on...I really do think she'll play a great Victoria. I have to admit, that yes, she is more what I imagined when I read the series. A perfect fit I think. I just wish they had found her before the saga began. Oh well, what can we do but accept it. Lookin' good Bryce, lookin' good! :)

For more pics, go to Lainey Gossip!
Via Twilight Treasury


Bitten said...

I agree, wish they found her before is a shame what they did to Rachel but you need a thick skin in Hollyweird. I am positive her exposure in twilight will set her on the path to success.

Bitten said...

I am sorry Rachelle, it is early and my java has not kicked in yet :P

Emma said...

While I liked Rachelle in the role, and I really HATE the switch mid-series, I absolutely love Bryce Dallas Howard. I think she is a great actress, and I've loved her in every role I've seen her in. She will make a wonderful Victoria--everyone just needs to give her a chance.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen here in a movie but she looks great.. I just read she's ron howard's daughter..