Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kristen & Taylor: New Moon is "Gonna Be Even Better" Than Twilight

Kristen Stewart is on yet another magazine cover, but this time, it's costar Taylor Lautner, not Robert Pattinson, beside her.

The "Twilight" twosome graces the cover of this week's Entertainment Weekly, on newsstands today, in anticipation of the November release of the second "Twilight" flick, "New Moon."

Unlike the first film, the storyline in "New Moon," revolves around the budding relationship between Bella Swan and her friend Jacob Black after Edward Cullen leaves Bella behind.

It's only fitting, then, that Lautner get his time in the spotlight, too. After all, he may play a teen wolf, but he's grown up a lot since "Twilight.".

"People have seen his body and all that stuff and it's a shocker because it's hard to believe that anyone can be quite so carved," "Moon" director Chris Weitz said.

Lautner gained 32 pounds for the role, diligently working out to physically fill the part that some were doubtful he could undertake.

"I knew what I was working for, so to get to the gym and work really hard was easy for me. My body fat got so low that we actually needed to increase it a little bit to be able to build muscle on top of that," the 16-year-old actor said. "The hardest part was always shoving food down your mouth. I had to be eating every two hours."

Still, Weitz insists that Lautner's sleek physique isn't half as impressive as his acting chops.

"[He] actually delivers a really great performance," Weitz said. "He wasn't just exercising all day, he was also reading the book quite a lot."

As Lautner reviewed Stephanie Meyer's work, he tells the mag he came to some serious conclusions about his character.

"Edward and Bella's relationship is so intense, but Jacob and Bella's is very laid-back. Sometimes there's a question of, is it going to go past best friends? And sometimes it looks like it," he said.

So how did he get into character?

By fulfilling every guy's dream and spending as much time with the beautiful Kristen Stewart as possible. Poor guy.

"It wasn't like we went out to, like, theme parks together or anything," said Lautner. "It was just, like, going to each other's houses, hanging out, going and getting some dinner. A lot of nothing – just spending time together."

And according to Stewart, it paid off.

"It's lamely cute. I love that kid," she said. "I would do anything for him. I would kill for him, literally."

The 19-year-old starlet had to do her fair share of character development for the new film as well, particularly the scene when Edward says goodbye to Bella, leaving her devastated and alone in the woods.

"Before the scene, I was sitting in my car, like..... crying – crying so hard you can't breathe," she said. "Because I was really overwhelmed and intimidated by the scene."

Despite her initial fear, however, Stewart believes "New Moon," has even bigger potential than "Twilight."

"[Making ‘Twilight"] was much more of a fight," she said. "Everyone was a little more scared. We needed to make something commercial but stay true to the book. We didn't have enough money. It was all very impulsive, and that's what I love about that.... movie…But I think ‘New Moon' is gonna be even better.



Anonymous said...

I. CANT. WAIT. for this movie to come out!!!!!!!! its going to be amazing!

Mechelle Fogelsong said...

Cool! Jacob gets the spotlight!

Go Team Jacob!

Technology said...

Aren't people sick of hearing about Twilight yet?

I Dream of Twilight said...

Funny...if you're sick of hearing about Twilight, then why are you on a Twilight site????? hmmmmm....

Stephy said...

1) Team JACOB!
2) Taylor laughtner looks AMAZING!