Tuesday, August 18, 2009

*Important: Upcoming Blog Change!!*

Our Twilight Chronicles is moving!

Our new blog address, effective midnight, 12:00am, August 24, will be

Don't go there yet (its blank). Wait until the 24th, thats when the official switch will be made.

Another exciting thing happening on the 24th is the unveiling of our new header! It is New Moon themed and AWESOME. Our amazingly talented designer, Melo, has been working hard perfecting it. You will LOVE it!!! So, add the new address to your favorites, bookmark it, etc. to get ready for the change. We made this decision to change for several reasons, but first and foremost, to simplify the url to make us easier to find. We also feel it will be easier to share this address with others. We are becoming known as OTC or Our Twilight Chronicles, so we figured our url should resemble that to avoid confusion.

If you're a current "follower", don't worry, you'll automatically move right along with us when the change takes place.

So, keep following, we aren't leaving! We are just trying to improve. Thanks so much for your comments and support!!! The growth of this blog is because of you, our loyal readers and followers!


Mary Ann said...

I can't wait to see the new header! Sounds fantastic!

Amelie said...

I'll definitely be bookmarking the new one. I wonder what the header will look like??? XOXOXO

Tara D said...

I think the change is great! I'm glad we're doing it. :) Can't wait until the new header is put up!!! Melo really did an awesome job, as always.

hoLLy said...

can't wait for the "unveiling" of the header. it is SOOOOO awesome you guys!

Janelle said...

So excited for the new header!! Bring on Talyor Lautner!!! lolsz ;-D

The Gordons said...

The new header is awesome! I got a sneak peak, you guys will LOVE it!