Saturday, August 8, 2009

Leah Clearwater Hopeful

There are rumors that Q'Orianka Kilcher is going to get the coveted role of Leah Clearwater in Eclipse. Below are a few photos and a radio interview (found on Youtube). So far Summit is keeping mum about who they are casting as Leah and Seth, but soon I'm sure we will know. Rumors have also been heard that it is also possible that Julia Jones could be competing for the role of Leah, as well. We'll just have to see, won't we.

To view Kilcher's bio, click here. For Jones's bio, click here.


Janelle said...

Wow! She looks really pretty; perfect for a member of the Quillette tribe. But she looks too sweet to play such an agressive and bitter character (If you ask me Leah's a bit of a sourpuss)!! Guess that's where her acting skills kick in. Can't wait to see what happens!!!! :-D

Bitten said...

Oh wow, I forgot about casting for Leah, yes she is a pivotal character. Thinking back to the books, other than Sam she can make or break the wolf pack chemistry. Jake, Leah and Seth are a dynamic trio. I am all over the Quillette tribe, and yes I am Team Jacob. When a friend convineced me to read the series the Native American involvement was such a welcome surprise and for me, the reason I loved the books. I will keep my fingers crossed for casting this strong lady, the only female wolf pack member.

Anonymous said...

Qorianka is super perfect for leah and i am sure she can pull up the bitter and sarcastic side as well!
I worked on the crew of new world in the makeup department and i must say she was amazing. She seems sweet and all, since that is waht the role required, but i know she can do anything she is told. Colin Farrel and Christian Bale both were amazed about her skills and any doubts anyone could have about her being to sweet, well she is a nice person, but the sweet was required for her role only, so she did as told!
Qorianka is a must for Leah!