Monday, August 31, 2009


If this is true, this is stupid. Medics, seriously people????

The Times of India is reporting:

Medics are on standby during the filming of 'Twilight' movies to help revive the hyperventilating fans of actors Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (AP Photo) More Pics
and Kristen Stewart.

The trio, who became an overnight sensation since the success of the vampire romance saga, whip teenagers into a frenzy everytime they appear on set, Contactmusic reported.

And Lautner, who plays werewolf Jacob Black in the series, admits that the fans are so overcome at the sight of their idols that they fail to control their emotions.

"We've met many different fans: the criers, who come around quite often; the hyperventilators, who stop breathing and have to have a medic come. We've definitely seen some passion," Lautner said.

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Little Lovables said...

wow, this is so sad. but I remember going to concerts and medics having to pull people out foe excitability and heat exhaustion, so I can see how that happens. ridiculous, of course tho

Janelle said...

wow! Even tho Taylor Lautner is the epitome of awesomeness I'm pretty sure meeting him wouldn't come to this. (Or would it....) ;-D

Bitten said...

At the movie yes, hum, in person, well I would definitely ask for a picture with Taylor and any other Wolf Pack :)

Newmooner211 said...

wow this is so weird... tho i would probably freak if i met pretty much any Twilight cast member (especially Taylor) i think it wouldn't come to this...?

Anonymous said...

are you serious??!! people seriously need to get some lives!! criers? hyperventilators?? medics??!!
i mean, i understand that when you meet a famous person, it's natural to act a tad excited but this is going TOO far. i feel sorry for the actors, they're normal people too.

SmileyIda said...

I have had screamed if met any of twilight members..!!<3 I love all of them:D (I don't write good english, I'm from norwegian..)