Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Be a Part of New Moon Contest" winner announced

Today, the Official Twilight Movie website announced the winner of their "Be a Part of New Moon" contest. Congrats to Ky Wildermuth! Go to http://twilightthemovie.com/ to watch his winning video along with the finalists' videos. He does quite the rap I must say:) All of the videos are entertaining, funny & quite creative! Congrats to everyone! Ky gets to join the cast as a guest star on the film New Moon. What a lucky Twi-guy!!

Image via examiner.com.


Kira said...

I thought my entry was better... Oh well, I have another year until the next contest, I guess :)

kjnth03 said...

Wow that guy was pretty good! Congrats to him!