Monday, May 25, 2009

Robert's Kisses Go for $28,000


Want a bite of 'Twilight' hunk Robert Pattinson?

An opportunity to lock lips with the Hollywood hottie went for €20,000 ($28,000) Thursday evening at an AIDS benefit in Cannes, France.

Two bidders bought the kisses for their daughters and the 23-year-old actor said he was "happy" to oblige.

The two smooches with Pattinson were among the milieu of items auctioned off at the star-studded Cinema Against AIDS benefit, on the sidelines of the Cannes Film Festival.

Sharon Stone looks just a bit shocked by the price tag, don't ya think?


Anonymous said...

i would be shocked too!!! 20,000 euros for a kiss!!! but then again... maybe i would pay that price fot Robert Pattinson :)


Kira said...

I'd better start saving for the next auction... Who cares about the kids college fund?

Anonymous said...

Actually no locking lips will be happening. Just a peck on the cheek. For $28K...Wow!!!

Anonymous said...

If I were to pay that much, there'd better be some lips locking! Might as well ask him to reenact that bedroom kissing scene from Twilight! Hmmm, that might be worth the $28,000...

hoLLy said...

thats cuh-razy!!