Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Maxim's Top 100

Nikki & Ashley made the list. Though, I do believe Ashley should have been much higher up on the list!!

#42. Nikki Reed.

"We’ve wanted this sexy Twilight star to sink her teeth into us since her days on The O.C. Beware of the next Twilight installment, coming this November."

# 68. Ashley Greene.

"In Twilight she played a spunky vampire sister. See her next in Skateland…or being pursued by psycho Twilight fans."

Thanks to CBA!


Moon Rise said...

I've posted the first few chapters of an alternative to Breaking Dawn on my blog - No offence to Meyer but I was bitterly disappointed by BD, it was ridiculous and Bella and Edward just dissolved in the sillyness...

It bugged me so much I started to write my own fourth book, check it out over on my blog!

Anonymous said...

To Moon Rise:
I liked your idea about Jacob and Bronte. But do you really think that Bella would cancel the wedding because she didn't want to disappoint Charlie? And do you really think that Edward was not going to stand by his promise to have sex with her after the wedding but before she was a vampire?