Thursday, May 21, 2009

Robert Pattinson Confirms Acting in Breaking Dawn

From OneIndia:

Hollywood actor Robert Pattinson, who became a household name with his portrayal of a vampire in the Twilight series, has confirmed that he will be acting in yet another instalment. He confirmed at the Cannes Film Festival that the fourth Twilight instalment would be based on Stephenie Meyer's best-selling novel, Breaking Dawn.

He also revealed that he was currently in the final days of shooting the second instalment, New Moon, in Italy. The actor said that he would soon begin filming third flick Twilight: Eclipse. Robert revealed that his role in New Moon had been beefed up compared to the book because, according to the tome, Edward is just 'a voice in Bella's head'.

"You're playing a figment in Bella's imagination so I was trying to do it in a 2D way. I hope it doesn't translate onscreen as being boring," the BBC quoted Rob as saying. The Twilight series tells the story of a romance between Bella, a teenage mortal, and Edward, a decades-old vampire.


Cindy said...

Like we really thought he wouldn't be in it!

Anonymous said...

does anyone know what breaking dawn will be rated
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meri said...

LOL Anonymous....we all want Breaking Dawn to be rated R!! Oh yeah!