Friday, May 29, 2009

My Park Magazine brings us news of New Moon-

"New Moon Photos - Robert Pattinson needs help"
Thursday, 28 May 2009
"Robert Pattinson might have got half naked yesterday but that didn't stop lots of the New Moon extras quitting.
It seems like they were unhappy with the long hours and decided not to show up today.
This has caused a big problem on set as have to try to find some more extras for todays scenes.
Some American Twilight fans have stepped forward and should hopefully be in the actual movie. Wow.
They have been taking loads of photos of the stars, set and extras for you to enjoy.Click here to check them out >
They aren't allowed to have their mobiles on them but we will be bringing you all their news as soon as we get it.
Bellafira says: 'They are really short of extras today. The Italians were really unhappy about the long day yesterday and most of them decided not to return.'
'Kristen arrived on set about 5 mins ago, no sign of our favorite vamp yet.'
'Extras sitting around trying to stay warm as the crew repositions for a new shot.'
'They are now filming the camera going through the crowd. Bella's point of view.'"
What?!? I'll be an extra!!!! I'll stand in the heat/cold/ice/rain/snow for you Rob! Count me in, now how do I get to Italy with only $100 in my bank account. That's going to be a problem. Hmm...
Click here to see the latest photos of Robert Pattinson >


Melissa said...

Maybe if we can get enough from the US they can fly us all over on one of the Summit private jets. WE Americans can take the long hours for our most worshiped, and beloved Cullen.

Anonymous said...

What whimps!! All of us would be honored to just be able to be there and help out.What I would do to just be that close to the cast.