Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Moon Footage

New Moon extras in Montepulciano!

Exclusive New Moon photos(don't watch if you don't want it spoiled)!
Edward and Bella Reunite! BTW, these are some super hot photos, don't say I didn't warn you. ;)

Thank you Lainey Gossip for this one. Aw, he's so perfect!!! ;)

It's too bad those guys' heads were in the way, lol. But what a shot! Whoo!!!


Sara said...

Aren't those great? ahh. I can't wait. Every one remember to watch the MTV movie awards on Sunday to see the first trailer! WAHOO

Anonymous said...

All I can say is OMG!!!!!!
Practically fainted! So awesome!

PhoinixFury said...

If this is ANY indication of what this movie promises to be - WOW! I am so excited! November can't get here soon enough!!!!!

Neny84 said...

ahhhhhhhhhh!! me muero!!!! i can't wait! that's so hot! he's so hot! and she ehhhh not! hehehe whatever i want to see it!!!!!!

hoLLy said...

i CAN'T wait for the movie!!!

Katie Hope said...

Oooft!!! What else can I say other than I CAN'T wait 4 da movie!!!

Alex said...

I'm going to basically say exactly the same as the guys above.

What i would give to be Kristen!

Rob's built up! he now has a 6 pack!

Oh I'm in love *swoon* (praying rob willcatch me!!:D ;) )