Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ashley Greene Surprises LA

From, here's a portion of Larry Carroll's experience at last night's DVD release party at Hot Topic in Hollywood:

".......At 6:30, I eyeballed the crowd outside Hot Topic, already several hundred deep. When I found them (and my dependable cameraman Erick) after the movie at 9:00, they were twice as deep. As we went around grabbing fans for interviews, we discovered that word had gotten out: Apparently, some celebrity news show had posted on their website that Ashley Greene was going to be here tonight! Thanks to Twitter, Facebook and all the rest, the word was out.

Sure enough, as the screaming got louder and the line wrapped all the way down from the second floor into the mall’s courtyard, some of our friends from Summit came to get me. They escorted me downstairs, past the crowd, to a secret room in the catacombs of the building.

Which leads me to what might be my favorite moment of the night. As I walked through the courtyard, a bunch of girls on a walkway shrieked at me – obviously, awesome MTV fans! Witnessing that exchange, two women walked up and asked what was going on. “Well, the ‘Twilight’ DVD goes on sale at midnight,” I said. “And someone from the movie is going to be in Hot Topic.”

“Are you in the movie?” they asked excitedly.

“Yes,” I replied. “I’m Robert Pattinson. Nice to meet you.”

As funny as it to think there are two women out there who now believe RPattz looks likes me, the best was yet to come. Ashley was sitting in a secret room waiting for us, looking beautiful in a red dress. She was very excited to hear about the size of the crowd, had a big hug for me, and I interviewed her for about ten minutes.

Later, as the Twilighters chanted down the minutes to midnight as if it were New Year’s Eve, Ashley appeared. They went nuts. She ducked inside the Hot Topic, jumped behind the counter, and started greeting the fans as they picked up their DVD. There were lots of hugs, shrieks, and tears of joy – but enough about me.

In the end, the mystery of all the “Twilight” DVD madness made it all the more worthwhile......."

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hoLLy said...

i would've loved to meet her!!! she is so cute and played alice perfectly.

PhoinixFury said...

Next time I'm buying a DVD from everywhere so I can get into the "invitation only" places. I was SO close! Sad day. I did dress up as Alice though for the party in Rancho Cucamonga that I went to at Borders. Good times!