Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rachelle Lefevre Surprises Salt Lake City

By Sheena Mcfarland from the Salt Lake Tribune:

Hundreds of moms and daughters flocked to the Riverton WalMart late Friday night to buy the vampire romance film "Twilight" on DVD, and meet actress Rachelle Lefevre.

"I wish it had been one of the guys, but she's really, really pretty," said 13-year-old Sarah Bankhead.

The appearance of Lefevre, though, excited most fans, who thronged the table where the actress who plays the evil vampire Victoria signed autographs.

"This is just unbelievable," Lefevre said of the turnout. "You get better at handling it, your lip doesn't quiver anymore, but the excitement never, ever goes away."

She said she was "flattered" to be chosen to go to Utah, where "Twilight" author Stephanie Meyer hails from.

Fans of the books and movie were excited to see her, too.

"We were just a grocery cart away from her," said Michelle Holloway, 25, who snapped photos of the actress with wavy, red hair.

"She seems like a really awesome, humble person," said Holloway's friend, 20-year-old Lisa Johnson.

They both said they were "bitten" -- a term Twilighters use to refer to their rabid fandom of the books and film -- by the "awesome love story" between main characters Bella Swan and Edward Cullen.

"Every girl wants to find her Edward," Johnson said.

Many had stood in line since 9 p.m., but others started gathering at about 6 p.m., said Lisa Hansen, founder of, which helped advertise the event and provided

"This crowd was totally expected, are you kidding me? It's Utah, we love "Twilight" here!" she said.

Stephanie Delgadillo, 11, was excited to get her DVD of the film at midnight.

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