Monday, March 23, 2009

Twilight DVD Party in SLC Fan Experience

One of our followers, Heather from Utah, was at the DVD release party where Rachelle Lafevre showed up. Here's Heather's experience. **Thanks for sharing, Heather!!!**

I do not know what possesed me to go to the Release Party last night. Could it be that I have read each book 5 times already and seen the movie 3 times? (That was all I was allowed!) Or the fact that the Wal-Mart where the the party took place is about a mile from my home. Perhaps it was my 13 year old daughter that begged and begged to go. No, I am absolutely, positively obsessed! (I just have to hide it!)

Actually, I really did not intend to go because crowds are not my thing. I told my daughter that I would drive by the Wal-mart to see how really crazy it was. According to Fox 13 News, it looked very crowded. So, we left at 10:00pm (MST), and somehow I ended up parking and going inside. At this point I knew that a cast member was planning to be at our party, but I just wanted to get the DVD and go. About 10 minutes after arriving and standing in utter kaos, Rachelle arrived.

So, at this point my objective was to find where we needed to be to receive the DVD. We found a line, which seemed fairly short (yeah right) and stood waiting...........................

About a half hour later, we were told that the line we were in was for Rachelle's autograph. It would have been easier to come back at midnight and just buy the DVD, but my daughter wanted to stay, and I started conversations with women (older than me, hee hee!) Of course I mentioned how great your blog is!

Long story short, we waited about two hours before we got to Rachelle. She is a very pretty woman, very personable, and must have been extremely tired after signing for thousands of people.

Even though I hate crowds, long lines, and unfortunately very messy people, I must say that I very happy to have my DVD signed by Rachelle. Of course I would have been estatic (and maybe institutionalized) if Robert showed up, but I do not want to imagine the crowds then!

I am going to go enjoy my movie now!


Cindy said...

Thanks for sharing Heather. Sounds like you guys had a great time!! I wish my DVD was signed by one of the stars ~ lucky you!!

Tara D said...

Oh how awesome! That would have been so cool to meet one of the castmembers.