Friday, March 20, 2009

Twilight - On Demand

From Twilight vampires arrive on demand (and DVDs) ~ by Michael Esposito:

"At the same time the teen vampire romance "Twilight" DVD hits video shelves at midnight Friday, fans who don't feel like leaving the house can order the movie through video-on-demand on most cable and satellite television systems (about 45 million U.S. homes) thanks to a multiyear agreement between TVN Entertainment and Summit Entertainment (including both standard and high-definition versions).

Usually there's a 45-day lag between DVD release and video-on-demand availability, according to Doug Sylvester, president of TVN. "What we're seeing now is the studios are compressing those release windows," he said. "Typically the movies released theatrically within the last 12 months or so are often priced at $4. You can watch them in a 24-hour viewing window."


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