Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nikki Reed - No Dye For New Moon

From Larry Carroll with

SANTA MONICA, California — Later this year, the stars of "Twilight" will return in the highly anticipated sequel "New Moon." But first, they'll be undergoing an extreme makeover.

"I think we are just perfecting it," Nikki Reed explained when she stopped by the MTV studio recently, revealing the conversations she's had with new franchise director Chris Weitz. "I think it will be a little bit different, and we'll perfect it for the best."

It's no secret that the team on the original "Twilight" struggled mightily — and occasionally found their efforts enraging fans — as they attempted to perfect the hairstyles of the Cullen clan. Now, with a new director and bigger budget, Reed revealed that Weitz is determined to get things right. "[My conversation with him] was revolving around the look of the Cullens; I don't know if we necessarily got it right the first time around," Reed explained. "We weren't expecting all the weather issues and all the makeup we had to put on. Every single character [had a hard time]. I know a lot of people think it was just me that changed how I looked physically, but Peter Facinelli has black hair, and he has to go back blond [for 'New Moon']. And Kellan Lutz, who is a natural blond, has to go back to dark hair."

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Cindy said...

I actually thought she was wearing a wig in Twilight ~ show's what I know :-)

Anonymous said...

I am excited that they can perfect the look. it wasn't great in the first movie they all looked pale not superhuman so maybe this time with extra money they will get closer to there target.

taryn said...

i think she looks like a natural blond. they should make her blond in new moon too.

Four Renners said...

I never really paid close attention to the details on how they looked in the book, so I imagined Rosalie with dark hair and Alice with light hair: just the opposite of what they were. It won't really matter to me what they look like, but I know there are so many other fans out there that want everything perfect, so I guess this will be great for them.

katmdbrown said...

well, with a bigger budget for New Moon, I would hope that they will work on some of the details like how the Cullens look on screen! I think for the most part, the Cullens looked great in Twilight, but there's always room to improve (if you have the money to back it up!)! Can't wait for New Moon!!

Rebecca said...

Hey if you wanted her with brown hair you should have done it in Twilight too. You cant change it now becuz shes already been blond Rosalie and it has to work with twilight.