Friday, March 13, 2009

New Moon Coffee Run

Costars Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone share a laugh as they pick up some coffee at a local Starbucks in Vancouver, Canada on Thursday afternoon (March 12).

Co-star Kellan Lutz also broke away from the New Moon set to take a walk downtown.

Thursday night, the whole New Moon cast - including Kristen Stewart, Rachelle Lefevre and Robert Pattinson - headed to Gotham Steakhouse for dinner.

As as the cast was leaving, Jackson, 24, revealed to paparazzi that filming for New Moon will be starting earlier than anticipated. He shared, “[Rehearsals] They’re going great, they’re going great. We’re actually going to start filming on Monday, so be sure to check it out.”

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One thing we've learned this week, this cast sure LOVES coffee! :-)


Melo said...

Coffee ist the best in the world. I loooooce coffee, too - I understand them! ;)

Jackson's glasses are a little strange... o__O

katmdbrown said...

right on about Jackson's sunglasses, Melo! Looks like he grabbed Nikki Reed's glasses instead of his! LOL!! but I don't care. He can wear whatever he wants to wear as long as New Moon gets done!! Can't wait!!