Monday, March 23, 2009

Catherine Hardwicke at Borders in Allen, TX

Our Twilight Chronicles contributor, Holly D., was at the Borders in Allen, TX, when Catherine Hardwicke surprised guests with her visit at the "Twilight DVD Release Party" Friday night. It was lots of fun getting to hear her talk about the movie and meeting her in person! I also was able to get the Borders Exclusive DVD set autographed along with Catherine's Directors Notebook. Here are pictures from my experience. . .it was an awesome night. Thanks Catherine for your autograph, keepin it real, and stopping by my city!

Oh yeah, we are totally besties now:)

Catherine signed over 300 copies of DVDs that night. Even after the original 300 that was set, she stayed longer to autograph more items-posters, books, shirts, etc. I was told by my good friend, Amy, who is also the general manager of that Borders Store, that over 500 people were there that night!

In the middle of the signing, Catherine stood up and walked over to a special needs teenager and chatted with her for a bit. She was so awesome, gave her a big hug and kiss on the cheek and told her how much she appreciated her being a fan. This young lady had watched Twilight 14 times in the theatre! I was impressed with Catherine's genuinity.
Me and a fellow Twilight fan, Katie. We made friends in the crazy long DVD wait line
Here is a better face shot of Catherine, taken by my new friend Katie, right before she started signing DVDs. Thanks Katie for the picture!

Here is Catherine sharing some Twilight movie making stories. She said that when casting for the role of Edward, Kristen told Catherine teasingly, "I will kill you if you don't pick Rob!" I agree Kristen, Rob was the PERFECT choice! Doesn't everyone agree??!


Tara D said...

How awesome! And just think, I was only a mere hour away, I wish I had gone.

Patty said...

Wow, that must have been exciting! You even got your picture taken with her. How cool!!!