Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Twilight Fashion

From EW.com: Twilight fans had loads of questions about the movie's fashion. So, with the DVD now in hand for an even closer look, we went straight to the source -- costume designer Wendy Chuck -- to see exactly what she had in mind.

Dressing Bella: "I wanted to dress Bella (Kristen Stewart) apart from the Forks kids because she arrives there as an outsider [from Arizona]," explains Twilight's costume designer, Wendy Chuck. "She's in lots of warm earth tones, with some Southwestern elements thrown in." Being the new girl in school wasn't the only obstacle Bella faced: "Having come from a warm, sunny climate to the rainy gloom of Forks, we wanted to make her unprepared for the cold and the rain." Which is why, Chuck explains, we don't see Bella in a raincoat until later on in the tale.

Dressing Edward: In order to dress Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) in a manner befitting the teen idol that author Stephenie Meyer envisioned, Chuck says she turned to the royals of the early 19th century: "His name personifies his look, which to me was English Edwardian. He's the embodiment of an Edwardian gentleman — very proper, has manners, and is very charming." The vampire's clothes weren't all inspired by history, though. As Chuck points out, "He wears a pair of shoes that are lace-up and of the early 1900s, but then he also wears more current sporty clothes."

Dressing the Cullens: Chuck had to pay special attention when mapping out clothes for the blood-sucking Cullen brood. "I didn't want to go too traditional black... I wanted them to feel cold and frozen." So she outfitted the family in grays, whites, and blues, while being careful to not go too over-the-top. "The Cullens have wildly expensive taste and money. At the same time, I had to anchor them in the practical world of going to school and being able to blend with everyone else."

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