Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kristen Stewart Talks About Cliff Diving

From MTV.com: BEVERLY HILLS, California — As originally imagined by author Stephenie Meyer, Bella Swan is a diamond in the rough. We've seen her trip and fall, we've seen her battle her own antisocial behavior and we've seen her fall heart-and-soul into a most unusual romance. But now, as filming for "New Moon" gets underway, director Chris Weitz is planning to show us Bella as we've never seen her before. In CGI?

"I had to go in and do a head-scan the other day," Kristen Stewart revealed to MTV News over the weekend, discussing a recent Vancouver appointment to create a computer-generated doppelgänger for a key "New Moon" scene.

The CGI-Bella will appear during a moment Twilighters have long dreamt of watching with their own eyes: the cliff-diving scene. In "New Moon," Bella becomes so distraught over her breakup with Edward that she dives off a precipice into the icy waters below, hearing his voice whenever she places herself in danger. Fans care so much about the pivotal "New Moon" moment that some have even created their own videos depicting how it should go down. Until now, the biggest question has been whether Stewart would do the stunt herself.

"Unfortunately, no," answered the actress, back in Los Angeles over the weekend to promote her film "Adventureland," in theaters April 3. "I get to almost jump, and then no. I'm not going to do the cliff-diving, unfortunately."

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Tara D said...

That's cool! But I bet it would have been a lot more fun if she actually just jumped off the cliff.

Cindy said...

Yeah, I say she jumps!